Our Values

130 years strong

We continue to thrive, and you can, too.

From its inception, St. Ambrose welcomed students from all religious faiths, ethnic backgrounds, and economic circumstances-an openness unusual for Catholic schools at that time.

Providing an education taught in the context of the Catholic and liberal arts traditions has remained central to the institution to this day.

Other traditions seamlessly took root and live on today because each one truly reflects who we are: empowering students through deep faculty support and guidance; personal attention to student goals and safety; a commitment to service and Catholic identity.

The campus has grown remarkably in recent decades, and with it the services and support to ensure our students, faculty, and staff have the best environment in which to learn, live, and work. Our work and commitment to excellence in education is ongoing.

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Making a Difference

students volunteering on barge

Our students typically give more than 178,000 service hours each year to volunteer projects here and across the world.

Community Involvement

We're all about YOU

bill campbell with student

A professor is an educator, but at SAU, professors are so much more. They're mentors, cheerleaders, and counselors during all the challenges and triumphs in your collegiate journey. Alongside them are a host of support personnel for tutoring, test prep, course advising, and much more.

Academic Resources

So, what's next?

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